Sunday, March 25, along with 30+ other photographers in Vancouver, I went to Queen Elizabeth Park for Meetup with Vancouver Portrait Lovers group.

It was first time I ever attended such activity, which turned into quite amazing experience. Beside model shooting experience I interacted to other photographers, picked up some tips, and overall felt a bit better about my photography skills.

I’m not saying I was comparing my photos to the photos of other, more mature photographers. But, for myself, I’ve discovered that my skills are, in some instances, on par with more seasoned pros.

But you will be the judge:

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Last weekend I indulged in my new addiction: skiing. Thanks to Recon Instruments MOD (check out their website-it’s unreal!) I enjoy skiing way more. I am just learning basic stuff, but it is so much fun when you can actually see your accomplishments and share it with others.

Sunday was especially nice as weather was gorgeous. I managed to ski throughout a away and snapped couple of images here and there.

Eventhough most of my photos were taken on iPhone, I was brave enough to take my ‘baby’ to the top of the hill and snap this gorgeous panorama. 21 images processed in DxO Optics Pro, HDR processing through Nik’s HDR Efex Pro and stitched in AutoPano Giga.

The only problem – I’m not sure which one of these two shots I like the best. Both of them have their own character and I am having hard time picking just one. What do you think?

“Postcard” Processing

“Balanced” Processing


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This is a small set of images from New York trip I took October 2011. Here you will find: Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Radio City, huge skyscrapers, night views of New York skyline as seen from Empire State Building, panoramic views of New York from the ferry on the way to Liberty Island and of course New York iconic yellow cab taxis.

Unfortunately it was a short trip, and I wish I had more time to explore this magnificent city, but does not matter how much time you spend in New York, it is never enough.

Hope you like them, please share your thoughts and comments.

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Let me present this set of amazing imagery of the first sunset of year 2012 as seen from Cypress mountain.

I took Volvo S60 for a ride to the mountain, read a book, while enjoying this magnificent view. Enjoy.

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It has been long time since I went out to shoot. My camera was collecting dust and I’ve decided that I need to connect with it once again.

Late afternoon, December 12, I went for a walk to Stanley park to snap some images of Vancouver’s city-line and this is a result.

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When over a year ago Chad Hartin, my friend and ex co-worker, asked me to shoot his wedding this year, I was very nervous, but couldn’t say no to a very good friend of mine.

As special date was coming closer and closer, I was getting more and more nervous about the shoot. Preparation was very stressful

~What if I won’t be able to deliver quality they want?

~ What if my equipment fails and their wedding memories will be ruined?

I had all those thoughts on my mind.

Finally came the day of the shoot… deodorant all over body, as I was so nervous…here is the place where bride is getting ready…and off we go…

I must admit, first hour was very stressful for me: I wasn’t happy with lighting, I wasn’t happy with my Sigma 70-200 f2.8, and that made me even more nervous…

But at some point, something clicked… I became connected with the crowd, and started enjoying that special day… And all of the sudden, photos became much much better… At some point I checked last photo I took and I was impressed, happy and relieved at the same time – it goes OK…

By the end of 12hours day, I had just a bit over 3,500 photos on both cameras, offloaded them on my laptop, made 3 copies for backup and went home…

After much clean-ups, touch-ups and finish-ups, couple got their photos and were very happy with them. Below are some of the photos I’ve shot. Please leave your comments.

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During my trip to my mom’s this year, I stayed at the house of her boyfriend in Cortland in Ohio. Amazing little quiet city with endless country roads, many old buildings and amazing Mosquito Lake where I sailed for the first time.

Below are just some photos I took at the old barn right across the street from the house, merged into HDR (some images were merge of 5 images) and processed using HDR efex Pro.

I am still here for another day and will update the Flickr set with more photos. Enjoy!

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While I’m sorting through more than 1,500 photos taken in Florence Italy, I thought I would share this beautiful QTVR of Piazza della Signoria.

More photos coming soon…

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Last posting in the series of posting about Euro Trip that we took in October of 2010 in Rome is generic images of Rome.

Here are some generic images of Rome, it’s food, drinks and other interesting shots.

Enjoy and please commment

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Part of Rome exploration was private guide tour to Colosseum: magnificent ancient Rome structure. It was hard to imagine this architectural triumph based on the thousand of images across the internet – you’ve got to be there, and we were.

I won’t bother you with history, description etc. you can easily find this on Wikipedia or any other source of your choice. Just enjoy the images I took.

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