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This will be forth article in the series of articles about Mac OS X Server 10.5 setup under VMWare.

I would leave FileMaker Server installation for another time. Right now I want to talk about following services on the server which will replace existing server. Here is the situation, just a reminder:

I have live server which hosts websites and FileMaker databases. It also runs AFP services for access to files internally and FTP service for external developers access to those files. Our registration websites are secure websites with proper CA signed certificates. This server, once virtualization project is complete, would become host server, which will not have any services running, well maybe AFP, and will have VMware hosting guest machines. One machine would be new server with registration websites and FileMaker databases with same FTP and AFP services running as well. My challenge is to swap services of current server with new virtual server with least impact, as those registration websites are live 365 days a year and updating every now and then.

So, I’ve setup bare 10.5.7 server, called it promorphius and it would become twin of prometheus, our existing server. Read »

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I’ve noticed today that newly installed server over at the “NorthShore News” newspaper is having same problems as Parksville’s server had couple of weeks ago.

picture-2_1Basically what happens is this:

  • Some users loose their permissions to some folders. 
  • ALS were initially enabled on shared volumes but browsing through WorkGroup Manager shows that there is nothing in those preferences.
  • Trying to add user or group is not working either.

As I mentioned, it happened couple of weeks ago at Parksville’s “OceanSide Star” newspaper couple of weeks ago. At that time I thought that ALS was never setup, and was ready to rebuild the server. Read »

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