This will be second article in the series of articles about Mac OS X Server 10.5 setup under VMWare.

In the first part we’ve discussed setup of virtual machine and using image file instead of DVD to install OS X Server 10.5 on VMWare virtual machine (VM).

To remind, when creating image file from retail install DVD, do not use built in Disk Utility for image creation, use Toast instead. Choose Copy from the right hand menu, and under File menu, choose save as Image. Change extension to .iso, choose location and click Save.

Once image creation is completed, start VMWare, under new machine choose Mac OS X Server 10.5 (experimental) (I’m trying 64-bit right now), assign standard 40GB disk space (use more if necesary) and follow on-screen instructions.

Once server is installed, you will be prompted to OS X Server Assistant. Choose Advanced setup for custom configuration. Follow on-screen prompts to give your server a name, fully qualified DNS name (I used internal DNS name structure:

Once finished, VM would reboot and, upon logging in you will have your freshly installed Mac OS X 10.5 Virtual Server. Server Admin would automatically launch and… you will get error saying that server could not be found. Do not freak out, your server does not know fully qualified name just yet, you need to add it to your local DNS server and assign static IP to your new VM Server.

Run all updates and we will be ready for services setup.

It seems that updating Server to 10.5.7 breaks VMWare. After reboot, VM hangs on grey screen with Apple Logo. I am currently working on resolution by updating to 10.5.6 and seeing how it goes from there.

Update: updating to 10.5.6 first seems to work fine in 2.0.4. Updated to 10.5.7 after that. Moving on to part 3…

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