I came across this problem recently, while stitching photos using Brenizer Method in Photoshop.

After playing with new Photoshop CS6 Camera RAW, my Photoshop decided to open some of my JPEG images as though they are RAW images. That also kept adjustments I used when playing with the original RAW files.

When trying to open JPEG file in Photoshop, some showed up as JPEG, while others as RAW. Opening them individually, and selecting JPEG as a format from drop down menu, works just fine. But when selecting multiple, or using Photomerge, opens those JPEGs with Camera Raw settings.

To ‘fix’ this. Navigate to Photoshop -> Preferences -> File Handling and Click on Camera RAW Preferences. Under JPEG and TIFF handling, click on drop down menu and select “Disable JPEG Support”. Hit OK to save settings and now those JPEG files will behave as they should.

Hope this helps.


You might ask me, why am I putting posting about my skiing on the Articles section? Answer is quite simple: I ran into problem, spent an hour try to troubleshoot and as I find a solution, I’d like to share it with you.

So last weekend might not have been best for skiing at the Grouse Mountain due to the cold rainy day, but I couldn’t wait to try my full charged ReconInstruments MOD powered Zeal GPS equipped goggles. For those who don’t know what I am talking about: it is little computer with tiny micro-optics display equipped with GPS inside your goggles which shows your stats in real time right in front of your eyes as you go down the slope. It tracks your distance, speed, vertical and jumps. As you come back home, you can plug in your goggles to the computer and relive the experience in beautifully designed ReconHQ software. It links with Google maps and you can see all your runs overplayed on maps, satellite or terrain views. You can also share your results with others and playback your runs right on your computer.

And that’s exactly what I wanted to do as I came back home all soaking wet but happy and excited to finally view my achievements on the second skiing trip in my life. I was quite disappointed when I tried to launch ReconHQ to no success as it crashed every time. I thought it might be because I updated my OS and now just needed to update ReconHQ software. I headed to Recon Instruments website’s download section only to find out that Flash plugin crashed every time I clicked on Download link. So next logical thing to do is to update Flash Player, right? So I did… Next, after finally managing to download Adobe AIR package, it failed to launch as it “needed newer” version. I put needed newer in quotes because, as I found out after downloading later AIR version from Adobe’s website it needed latest version of AIR as well. Yes, you read it right: Adobe AIR Installer needs newer version of Adobe AIR – ridiculous, right? After another 30 minutes of web search, I finally found logical explanation to ALL my problems. Adobe AIR cannot operate properly when OS X automatic graphics card switch is enabled.

So those of you who made this far in my story and for those who skipped:

If Adobe AIR apps or installer crash and fail to launch, open System Preferences :: Energy Saver and disable “Automatic graphics switching”.

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For a very long time I’ve had my iPhone synched to my home computer. All my Apps, Music, Ringtones, Videos and Books were on my home computer. Than, I started managing new additions to my iTunes library on my work computer. I’ve added songs, playlists, albums and artists that represent my state of mind, mood and life better than before. And I realized that my iTunes library at work has more organized playlists, folders than one at home. What would be the easiest way to merge them together? Read »

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In the last couple of months we’ve acquired more iMacs and most of them came with Snow Leopard pre-installed and, being newer machines, will not take 10.5 system. Snow Leopard is great – quick, responsive but there are some challenges.

One of them was our Kerio Mail Server, which has been addressed in one of the Kerio updates. But most recent one, and more annoying is drivers for our Xerox 242 WorkCenter. Once drivers installed and user tries to print, it will give them error message saying that drivers might not be installed properly and require re-installation.

No matter how many times you try to reinstall, what user you install them as, or how many times you repair permissions on the drive, it seems not work properly.

Quick search on Apple Discussions leads to several similar problems with other printers’ drivers problems under Snow Leopard. Solution is repairing permissions, but not the usual way, actually, but using sudo

sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/Printers/

Just make sure you add your printer’s manufacturer folder after /Printers/

So Xerox will be:

sudo chown -R root:admin /Library/Printers/Xerox

Hope this helps as it did work for me.

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This will be forth article in the series of articles about Mac OS X Server 10.5 setup under VMWare.

I would leave FileMaker Server installation for another time. Right now I want to talk about following services on the server which will replace existing server. Here is the situation, just a reminder:

I have live server which hosts websites and FileMaker databases. It also runs AFP services for access to files internally and FTP service for external developers access to those files. Our registration websites are secure websites with proper CA signed certificates. This server, once virtualization project is complete, would become host server, which will not have any services running, well maybe AFP, and will have VMware hosting guest machines. One machine would be new server with registration websites and FileMaker databases with same FTP and AFP services running as well. My challenge is to swap services of current server with new virtual server with least impact, as those registration websites are live 365 days a year and updating every now and then.

So, I’ve setup bare 10.5.7 server, called it promorphius and it would become twin of prometheus, our existing server. Read »

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This will be third article in the series of articles about Mac OS X Server 10.5 setup under VMWare.

Once we finished battling through updates on the OS X Server (install 10.5.6 by downloading Combo update from Apple.com first using VMware Fusion 2.0.4, then update to 10.5.7) we are ready to set up network interfaces.

My XServe is connected through 2 network cables to external world and internal network. One is public, external IP, other is internal IP.

Set up for my first server which will host registration websites, FileMaker Server and FTP/AFP access to it for developers, would include 1 public IP and 1 internal IP.

Let’s start.

First of al, I want to warn you that it is rather advanced setup to bridge two real network adapters to VM’s two virtual adapters. I hope it will work. I am referring to article on VMware community website. Read »

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This will be second article in the series of articles about Mac OS X Server 10.5 setup under VMWare.

In the first part we’ve discussed setup of virtual machine and using image file instead of DVD to install OS X Server 10.5 on VMWare virtual machine (VM). Read »

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After talking to Brian from agis, I’ve decided that the way to utilize our existing XServe that has nothing running on it but FileMaker 9 Server is to implement virtualization method.

The plan is beef it up with RAM and have core server installation hosting multiple VMWare machines. Read »

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picture-2Have it ever happened to you when using Command Workstation to change job properties, standard Properties window does not come up and quick error message flashes with: “Failed to load shared library /usr/lib/jpwx.bundle (error 2: No such file or directory)” ?

We’ve had this happenned on couple of machines in our office. It took about 2-3 weeks of phone calls with Xerox developers ti finally resolve the issue.

So here is how to fix it. Read »

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I’ve noticed today that newly installed server over at the “NorthShore News” newspaper is having same problems as Parksville’s server had couple of weeks ago.

picture-2_1Basically what happens is this:

  • Some users loose their permissions to some folders. 
  • ALS were initially enabled on shared volumes but browsing through WorkGroup Manager shows that there is nothing in those preferences.
  • Trying to add user or group is not working either.

As I mentioned, it happened couple of weeks ago at Parksville’s “OceanSide Star” newspaper couple of weeks ago. At that time I thought that ALS was never setup, and was ready to rebuild the server. Read »

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